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Two of China's largest fish brands have opened high-end seafood concept stores in Chikan as companies shift from fish production to sourcing imported seafood and adding value. Compared to the new stores in Guolian and Zhangzidao, these stores are very simple, but they are clearly an important step to move up the value chain and open stores across China. Merida has branched out and now runs a small kiosk selling only local products, and the company now runs a chain of several bicycle stores scattered around Chikans. Most of the shops are located on Minzhi Road (Min Zhi Lu), but we also have a few other shops in the area, such as a bike shop and a bicycle workshop there.

Many of the cheap hotels are located in Chikan, many of them on Minzhi Road (Min Zhi Lu) and around the shopping mall.

There is a long-distance train that connects Zhanjiang directly to Shanghai, and a direct train from Shanghai to Guangzhou. There are also direct train connections to Beijing, Guangdong, Hubei, Jiangsu and Hainan, as well as direct connections to other cities in China.

Zhanjiang is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Hainan Island in China and hosts a number of tourist attractions, such as the Zhaotong Museum and Hanao Museum. There is also a train to Haining Island, which runs from Beijing via Zhan Jiangjiang from Haikou to Sanya.

Getting there from Hong Kong: Take a high-speed train to Guangzhou, change trains at Jiangmen East Station and change trains at Zhan Jiangjiang Station or Zhaoqing West Station in Guangdong. You can change and steer high-speed trains Can take you from Zhaoquing East Station to Zhaotong West Station and then to Hainan Island. Getting there: From Guangdsheng, take a high-speed train from Guang Daojiang Station to Dongguan, then change trains at Zhongshan South Station or Zhejiang West Station and travel directly to Shenzhen or Guangxi, both in China.

A direct high-speed train will take you from Hong Kong to Shantou, but the best place to see the Diaolou is Zili Village. Getting there: Getting there and forgetting: From Hongong Shaoguan, take a fast train, change trains to Guangzhou or Shenzhen and then change trains at Zhan Jiangjiang Station or at Zhaoqing Western Railway Station in Guangdong.

This is the southernmost port on the coast of mainland China and is a market for large parts of southwest China. It is about 1.5 hours drive from Guangdong, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the two largest cities on the mainland. This port is one of the largest and most important ports in China with a population of more than 1 million people and serves shipping companies in much of southwest China and as a major port for shipping to Hong Kong.

There is a fast train that connects Zhanjiang with Guangdong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other major cities on the Chinese mainland. There are two large railway stations, one on the east side of the city and the other on the west.

Most expats feel comfortable shopping online because they know how to find deals to avoid fake scams. So many of us are not even trying to get into the world of online shopping in China, and we're really missing out. Most travelers who pass through Zhanjiang on their way to Hainan do so to enjoy the beautiful scenery, scenic views and great shopping experience. It should be mentioned that buyers will receive an option on cash on delivery when making their purchases.

One of the most convenient ways to make payments for online purchases in China is through an Alipay account at www.com. China Construction Bank has the largest online payment system in the world, with over 1.5 billion users, meaning that users do not even have to go through the minimum of online registration with Alipsay. Taobao is one of the most popular shopping destinations for expats in Zhanjiang. We have a small western restaurant serving a good selection of food and drinks, as well as a wide selection of souvenir and gift shops.

Taobao has large cyber shopping centres where the quality and authenticity of its products is guaranteed. For example: www.jumei.com is a recently founded group - buy cosmetics site, which guarantees the authenticity of the goods.

Gaopeng (Big Friend) is an international company of Groupon that focuses on quality by offering only one store in the city every day. SGD Asia - Pacific is a leader in this rapidly developing market with a large number of high-quality products.

If you want to spend some time in a city that is far from the tourist trails, or just experience everyday life in China, this is a great place. It is worth taking a look at the many shops, restaurants, cafés, shops and restaurants in the city, as well as a number of restaurants in the area.

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More About Zhanjiang